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Spherical Roller Bearing


Spherical Roller Bearing
spherical roller bearing.PNG

d- 530
D- 780
B- 185

Delivering an outstanding performance: Spherical roller bearings are designed for systems in which high loads must be supported and shaft flexing and misalignments compensated. They deliver extremely high performance and are designed to carry extreme loads

The decades of experience our engineers have gathered combined with innovative ideas improve our spherical roller bearings even further. As a matter of fact, our quest for perfection in development and production ensures optimum kinematics and low wear, which increases the service life even more. And that comes at a low maintenance outlay and minimum maintenance costs.

No matter where spherical roller bearings are used, they are above all characterized by their extremely high performance capacity.

Higher dynamic load ratings ensure increased operational reliability and raise the average service life by up to 60%. What is more: They are a space saver, since significantly smaller bearings can easily live up to the performance of larger models.

X-life – exclusive quality standard – is the reason for this significant increase in performance capacity, cost-effectiveness, and operational reliability.

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